Texel info

Information related to COVID-19

We try to apply the COVID-19 rules of the RIVM as well as possible:

  • we have 1 room so you are our only guest (s).
  • we disinfect the room after each visit
  • we maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters
  • we have shortened the introduction to our B&B and have put more on paper, but of course we welcome you and also say goodbye
  • hand gel is on the table in the B&B
  • in case of a PIN payment, the PIN device is also disinfected
  • here you can see the COVID-19 measures of the Municipality of Texel: https://www.texel.net/en/corona-measures


Texel introduces 60 km of roads

In the coming years, Texel will introduce 60 km for almost the entire island (except for the towns and for the main road from the boat to Den Burg). Starting 21-12-2020 the Hoofdweg has become a 60 km road.



Texel uses an electronic vignette (e-vignette), it is wise (if you come by car) to arrange the e-vignette in advance, online. From 1 January 2021, paid parking will apply everywhere in the towns and at the beach areas.

More information and booking: https://www.texelevignet.com

General information



Ferry timetable TESO: https://www.teso.nl/en/

Public transport from Den Helder to the boat and further on Texel: https://www.texelhopper.nl/en/

If you come to us, the small van from the Texelhopper can drop you off at the door, at Hoofdweg no. 13, please discuss this with the driver because the official stop is Hoofdweg no. 5, which is the farm at the end of the dead end road next to our house.

If you are staying with us and you book the Texelhopper via telephone number 0222-74800, you must indicate Hoofdweg 5 as the address and you can wait outside, you will see the van arriving to drive into the dead end road towards number 5 and you can then stop the van.

There are also taxis on Texel.

If you come by car, please enter below the departure point: